Want to stay / work at MIT FabLab Norway?

MIT FabLab Norway is one of MIT's Center for bits and atoms fieldstations.

CBA Fab Labs have been opened in rural India, northern Norway, South-Africa, Ghana, Boston and Costa Rica. Fab Lab outreach projects are being explored with a growing group of institutional partners and countries including Panama, Trinidad, South Africa, the National Academies, the Indian Department of Science and Technology, and the Africa-America Institute.

We allow students within the MIT - system / Fab Foundation to come here and stay as part of their education and/or in relation to relevant projects.

If you are a student related to MIT / Fab Foundation and would like to come and stay in the Lab we can offer free lodging in one of our cabins, access to the Lab, expertise and all technical equipment. The only demand we make is that local instances (schools, inventors, projects, etc) may use your area of expertise in relevant situations.

The Lab is situated in beautyful surroundings on top of the world. Here you will find spectacular nature, ideal for hiking, fishing, climbing, diving and other outdoor - activities.
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Contact Haakon, director of MIT FabLab Norway.