This method describes how we went about creating this miniature house, using AutoCad, CorelDraw and printing it out on a Laser cutter. This method can be used as a guideline for other projects.




Make a good sketch of the project with exact measurements.


In AutoCad we start setting up the base - lines for the house:

Continue building the parts for the house

One important issue though; When making notches for the pressfit - assembly - make sure that these measures exactly the same as the actual material - thickness. We measured our material prior to constructing the house.

Finish building the house

When finished we extracted the different sides / contours we needed for the model.


We took these into a separate file and flattened all so they lay on the same plane.


Next was importing the "flat" file into CorelDraw (You could use any vector - based application for this). Ungroup the elements and distribute them to fit the page / base drawing.

Next; we head for the laser cutter with these  preferences:



Put the cut - sheet in the cutter, we used 3 mm plywood.


HIt the "Go" - button and "print out the parts.


When finished; assemble the house,

Congratulations - your'e done!