Mannen som på mange måter er grunnleggeren av FabLab-systemet ble i går oppnevnt til Full Professor ved MIT. Begivenheten ble feiret med champagne, kaffe, kaker og middag sammen med Neil Gershenfeld, ansatte på MIT-FabLab og deltakerne på Fab Boot Camp.   På videokonferanse fra MIT i Boston hold Program manager Cherry Lassiter en tale til Neil som ble avsluttet av et dikt av Noel Wolf.  

Her er ”talen” som Sherry Lassiter ved MIT holdt i forbindelse med utnevnelsen.
Ladies, Gentlemen, Students and Fablabbers from around the world.   We have brought you together today to celebrate a man. His name is Neil. And he is a self-described “loose canon”.  In the pomp and circumstance of this moment – we would like to announce the appointment of Neil Gershenfeld, the “loose canon”, to Full Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.   Maseltov Neil!    Our heartfelt congratulations to you.  It is a wonderful achievement. You have inspired and helped so many of us around the world.  In honor of the occasion I’d like to read one of Mel King’s  favorite poems to describe you and  the inspiration you’ve planted in  us all:

An army of one,
  A seeker of peace,
The vessel of empowerment.

One smile,
One hand out-stretched,
One kind word,
One unselfish act,
One light in the gray dawn.

It takes one moment,
One frozen moment in time-
To change one day in a life.
One moment-
One hour-
One day-
One life
It is in the power of one,
I am the power of one.”